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Let’s change this tide of evil against our children Now!

January 3, 2011

I’m offering a free colouring e-book as a tool to help parents and grandparents teach their child to self-protect in a safe, non-confronting way. Just go to and click on the free book.


To Do Nothing , is to do something!

January 3, 2011

We are bombarded with media coverage about sexual predators being arrested, but the reality is that most don’t get caught because they are disguised as nice men (or women) in positions of authority and trust. We are lulled into a false sense of security, thinking it won’t happen to us or we expect others, the law, churches, schools and NGO’s to protect our children. The onus in on the parent to train their child the same way they teach them about the dangers of electricity, crossing a street and the dangers of swimming. Yet we fail to teach them about the dangers of perverted men and women who may change the course of their life through sexual abuse and exploitation. There is not enough information around to teach parents how to teach their child without scaring them of all people. It is too confronting to deal with and we don’t want to alarm our children, so we do nothing because we don’t believe that the people we trust and allow access to our children will harm them.

Free Colouring Book for you to use as a tool to help teach your child self protection and awareness.


Free Colouring (20 pages) to teach children to be safe around unsafe people

January 1, 2011

It is difficult to discuss the protection of a child, or about sexual predators, especially when a person has not experienced it within their own family unit.

Katy Kangaroo, (Horton Hears a Who) declares “If you can’t see, hear or feel something, it doesn’t exist!”

We don’t discuss it because it is not a nice subject to talk about, or it makes us feel uncomfortable or embarrassed, so we tend to put it off until a more “appropriate” time.

“Every body continues in its state of rest, or of uniform motion in a straight line, unless it is compelled to change that state by forces impressed upon it.”Newton’s First Law of Motion.

That “force” has now hit us, and it “impresses” itself upon our children through pornography, prostitution, the child sex industry, sexual exploitation, trafficking and sexual abuse. The only criteria needed is that the victim is a child, any child, that happens to be in the “right” place at the”right” time.

We carry on life as though it doesn’t exist, until it hits us personally with such brute force that it changes our lives forever.

Here is an opportunty to change it for your child. We are offering you a FREE (no strings attached) 20 page colouring book as a gift to get you started on your journey of teaching your child to be safe around unsafe people and situations.

Visit website and claim your free gift.

Breakthrough Options' Free Colouring Book Sample One

Teaching Children to self-protect around unsafe people

Sample Two


There are no strings attached, no lists and you wont get newsletters or information unless you request it.


Making a Difference for Children to stay safe!

October 4, 2010

Breakthrough Options goal and passion is to protect children from the “grooming” of sexual predators.

There are lots of organisation helping those who have been sexually abused, and who rescue children from abusive situations but there appears to be little help available to get the child armed to protect themselves from sexual “grooming.” Therefore they have no frame of reference to know that it is harmful to them, and the harmful experience of sexual abuse will leave them with terrible emotional traumas to deal with as teens and adults.

It makes sense that we should get to the children and empower them before the predator does. As parents and caregivers we don’t tell them about sexual predators because we don’t know how to tell them or we think that it may make the child scared of all adults if we teach them.

Simply put, we teach them about electricity, and the sea and crossing roads and stranger danger etc. yet they continue to swim, cross a road, speak to strangers and swim in the sea. However they do these things with knowledge that there are risks and we teach them the risk to look out for.

This concept is at the core of my business; teach the caregivers to teach the children to self-protect.

I do this through seminars/training workshops and books. “Webs of Deceit” is about how sexual predators “groom” adults and their children and “Bert the Butterfly” is a tool for caregivers to teach their children self-protective behaviours.

The Seminars are for parent groups, fostercare/adoption agencies, abuse organisations, churches and community organisation.

Breakthrough Options seeks to serve the community and is careful to:

• approach the subject matter with dignity, awareness and purpose.

• help on another to form a protective barrier around our children.

• endeavor to help the listener understand who the perpetrators are and how to protect our children from being targeted and controlled by them.

• bring an understanding to such an overwhelming subject and downsize it to manageable tools to protect our children.

• use my personal journey, peppered with anecdotes, to bring out the simple truths of predatory and vulnerable behaviors.

• Assure the listener that we can change this tide of evil from destroying our children and the community



The similarities between a spider building a web and a sex predator building a web: A sex predator just needs to attach and is skilled and finding needs and meeting them.

October 3, 2010

Stage 2. (reinforcing thread)


The Spider races backwards and forwards across the original thread, once it is securely attached to something. He lays more strands to make it stronger, because this one thread supports the whole weight of the web. It is crucial he gets this right or the whole web will crumble.

The Sexual Predator needs to come in and out of your life to build trust, backwards and forwards, meeting needs, securing trust, testing boundaries, becoming part of your support network, until you need him. This is designed to build the bond between the predator and you, allowing him to strengthen the relationship. Once he is assured the bond is secure he will feel confident to move forward to the next phase.

He may even withdraw emotionally to test the strength of the attachment.  The strength of how much you need him determines the next step for him. For some people the attachment is reached in the early stages of the relationship building. This depends on how skilled he is at deception and reading people.

He may become the indispensible friend, mentor or provider, without actually moving into the family home and you may find yourself starting to need him. That need, empowers him to move forward and gives him more control over your life.